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Q: Will you post some of your Ben Bernanke erotic fan-fiction?

A: Maybe after his term is over in January 2014.

Q: Does the X stand for X-rated...?

A: This is a very good question and I'm very flattered but no, the MPAA has evaluated my life and decided to rate it PG-13, meaning I now live among the ranks of Forrest Gump and Big Momma's House 2.

Q: Does it annoy youo [sic] when people spell navah without an H?

A: No I don't mind, though I'm rather fond of the H. Thanks mom and dad!

Q: Will you teach me the vast and labyrinthine ways of FORTRAN?

A: I live for getting people stoked about FORTRAN. I think I have an idea who this is asking this, because, not a lot of people would ever want FORTRAN knowledge. Next time I see you it'll happen.

Q: Bitch, How do you feel about dancing to the NEVER ENDING STORY on SATURDAY NIGHTS ;-) Sexy

A: Thanks for the thoughtful question!

Q: i'm currently an undergrad in meteorology and i'm thinking about becoming a phd student in a related geophysical field. could you give any advice for a youngin'?

A: Fantastic choice! If you stay in the field of meteorology specifically, computational science is really important because meteorology requires BIG computations that the people need NOW, no time for inefficient algorithms! If you choose to venture into another field, keep up your math and physics game because that will translate to just about any discipline. As far as applying to programs, find someone whose work you like and apply to work for them. Maybe this is obvious advice, but try to be at least somewhat on the page as the person you work for/with. If they write algorithms that describe meteorite collisions but you want to break open meteorites all day, find another research group. Feel free to email me directly if you see this:

Q: how old are you

A: At the time of writing this, 03/01/2012, I am 21.

Q: hi

A: Greetings

Q: If is so great, then why aren't there bilboards and whatnot all over America and other places?

A: brings in no money, so advertising it would just be a money sink.

Q: Are you Austrailian?

A: I'm not Australian but I get this a lot, probably because I have a bizarre accent (read: speech impediment?).

Q: Where did the dumb blonde jokes originate from?

A: I've always suspected it was the blondes themselves. Surprised they started a smear campaign against themselves? How else were they going to keep their bloodlines so pure?

Q: So you're the famous Navah I've heard so much about?

A: No probably not.

Q: u gotta put those seagull videos u made in new zealand on navahnavahnavah

A: Thank you for your valuable input, capitalization-challenged reader! I certainly intend on putting those videos up.

Q: How do "Do not walk on the grass" signs get there?

A: Judy Blume.

Q: "We could rule them like gods. Angry gods." -Jake (Adventure Time)

A: You rule!

Q: If you got in a cab and the driver drove backwards, would the driver end up owing you money?

A: No the cab driver evaluates the distance traveled as an absolute value when computing the cost function.

Q: the lungs hav just hot u in the bak

A: Wow.

Q: What do you do after gather around the campfire?

A: Grill various meats?

Q: are you ever gonna put on

A: One of my favorite places on the entire internet is, so yes. i just did.

Q: Is mayonnaise an instrument?

A: No, mayonnaise is not an instrument. Horseradish is not an instrument either.

Q: hey navah

A: Hey!

Q: Turn down for what?

A: Your court date? Maybe a job interview?

Q: Your CV?

A: Maybe I will put up a CV. I guess this is kind of a shitty scientist's website huh.

Q: Are we as dume[sic] as Forest G.

A: We might be.

Q: resume

A: Hint taken. I'll think about it.

Q: navah, will you teach me to longboard?

A: Sure I will happily take the place of youtube.

Q: How many hectares of kerosene are you??

A: 69